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Oh So Retro 2018 @ Palm Bay, Margate, Kent

Before I even begin my write up from yesterday, I just want to shout out to these two saviors! Yesterday I was solo all day, but thankfully I was pitched next to Emerald Face Painting who made a point of chatting to me, helping me with my set up and even getting the coffee in. This small business based in Herne Bay belongs to Gillian and during the event it was clear to me that her services were in demand.

After spending the day seeing the children (and adults) walk away with some great face paint and glitter, I would definitely recommend hiring her for your parties and events. Really grateful to have met you both. Adrian, give me a shout when the Jetta is done.

I met Lee (The event organiser) at another show I attended recently and this was when I first heard of The Oh So Retro Classic Car Show. I am new to the scene remember, so I had no idea how massive this event actually was until I turned up at half 7 yesterday. The Rec. which was where this event was located was really easy to find and surprising pleasant to drive to as I had to go along side the sea.

Once all the cars had filled the huge grounds, it was such a spectacle that you really had to see it to believe it. I did have a quick walk around to get some snaps of the amazing selection of cars, although I am not doing it any justice in relation to the quantity. The show opened to the public at 10am and the footfall demonstrated it’s popularity.

What I really liked about yesterday was the amount of people I spoke to about their own cars. About how it was possible for me to draw their car’s for them in my two Create Your Own styles. I received some amazing feedback about my art and to top this, I got some custom projects from yesterday that I am really excited to be working on.

I was really grateful to the three chaps that pointed out my drawing of a Late Bay was in fact…an Early Bay. To be honest, I really appreciate that type of feedback. What I particularly liked was how they were able to recognise the model from my art haha. These people are the experts, I am just good at drawing cars and learning as I go. This was an old drawing that I did so many years ago and will be updated shortly.

Anyway, have a look at the few photos I took to see if your pride and joy is there. I spotted The Southern Mini Owners Club and took some. Was great to see familiar faces.

I hope I am able to return next year. Everyone involved in running this event did such a great job and it showed in the end result. Thank you Oh So Retro!


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