Classic Pistachio Green & Cream VW Beetle With Roof Rack 1967 Poster


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In 1967 Volkswagen made in my opinion the best of the bunch with it’s powerful 1500cc 54bhp engine, streamline bodywork and signature wheel arches. I could never understand why they only had one wing mirror. Regardless, it was still a beauty.

I drew this Bug in the colours I would have it in if I could get my hands on one. The roof rack was added for practicality and style, and this particular one had a few optional extras including the spotlights at the front. This was a reliable car for it’s time and it was clear the designers put effort into it’s design.

I can imagine that if you were to own one of these, you would feel like you have travelled back in time.

This took me approximately 11 hours to draw.

Material: 190gsm Photo Stain Paper
Dispatched: 5 working days