Volkswagen Camper 1970CC 1980 Poster


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I had a stall at Volksweald 2018 which is where I saw this Camper for the first time. The owner and his son were chatting to me about the journey they had taken getting it up to the standard that it was in.

What instantly drew me to it was the bold yellow that they had actually hand painted. It’s not often a car can pull that look off, but this one really did. I had to take a closer look and to my surprise, the roof liner was in fact comic book’s.

I don’t just do trade shows to sell my art or gain custom projects, I do it for inspiration. I can’t help myself, I need to go out and see the cars. The reason why I wanted to make this a piece for general sale was how brilliant this would look on the wall. It will instantly draw a persons eye, whilst brightening up your wall space.

Totalling approximately 15 hours, here is my go at drawing a bright yellow T25.

Material: 190gsm Photo Stain Paper
Dispatched: 5 working days